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On the forum: Wirbel discussion

November 10, 2008 — BarryK
Forum member 'reckrhodes' started a thread to discuss Wirbel:

Mathias, the author of Wirbel, is also contributing to the thread, so if you try Wirbel and have any issues, post to the thread and Mathias will likely read it and respond -- I have had some email discussions with him and found him to be a very helpful guy.


Wirbel big executables
Username: BarryK
I have been translating my 'probedisk2' script to wirbel code, and in the process learning about wirbel/python coding -- and getting to like it. Problem though, and this is really a show-stopper. The 'probedisk2' script is only 4,585 bytes, but my wirbel executable is already 101KB (stripped) -- and I'm barely half way through the translation! I had expected the initial size, like for the "hello world", to have some overhead, but as I translate more of the script, the wirbel-generated executable keeps growing, in leaps and bounds. I wonder if the little utility functions, that get linked into the final executable, are getting inserted inline? That would account for it. The compiler when invoked with '-c' option outputs the C++ code, but I can't read C++ code at the best of times, and much less this machine-generated code. Note that the generated executable is not static, it uses the C and C++ shared libraries, which in theory should keep it slim. Anyway, I shall have to bring this fundamental problem to Mathiases attention. As I say, it defeats the purpose and is a show-stopper for me.

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