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Tinier tinypy

November 12, 2008 — BarryK
I have downloaded the latest tinypy from SVN and compiled with dielibc. I posted the 'tinypy' executable here:

'tinypy' is now smaller, just 127KB. I examined the source, and very interesting, quite a lot of functions built-in. The core interpreter and some functions are written in C, but many functions are written in Python -- these are converted to bytecode and embedded in the 'tinypy' executable.

A very big chunk of that 127KB is composed of embedded bytecode. It is nice for the programmers to code in Python, and as I understand it the "proper" Python has lots of modules (libraries) written in Python -- however it is bad from the point of view of size and execution speed.

It would be a very interesting exercise to see how small tinypy could really become, if the functions were all written in C!

It is a plus point for me that tinypy is written in C, as I find that generally more readable than C++, and scanning through the code it looks well written and well commented.


shift in emphasis
Username: Raffy
A shift in emphasis, perhaps, from OS to programming/applications. But it's still the Puppy. :) (Thanks for the unleashed CD - the mail just arrived.)

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