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Ubuntu kernel in Puppy/Woof

November 10, 2008 — BarryK
I reported recently that I was testing the Ubuntu kernel in Puppy. However, I could not get it to work properly. The first time I tested it, booting from a Flash drive, my laptop IDE hard drive and optical were not recognised. I messed around with the 'init' script, then my optical drive got recognised but the USB drive wasn't. I just could not figure out what essential thing I was missing.

So, I decided to recompile the Ubuntu kernel, using my own Puppy config file. I downloaded the latest source .deb from the Ubuntu repo, dated 7th Nov, "2.6.27-8-generic", which is actually kernel

It was an interesting exercise, as the .deb has many patches and applying my own .config file broke the Aufs compile -- but, I figured it out (had to apply another patch and manually patch a couple of files), and it works fine. Oh yeah, the "dm raid4/5" third-party drivers were also broken so disabled that.

I'm thinking for Woof, I'll stay with these Ubuntu kernel source debs, slightly re-patched by me and recompiled. There is an advantage, lots of third-party drivers included, which saves a lot of time -- in the past I did a lot of hunting around finding them (tempestuous has helped with that).


new drivers
Username: Raffy
Am not sure if the availability of drivers is really an issue with baby laptops, especially since tempestuous is always around, ready to help. It seems the challenge in these devices has always been the use of small software which, with your leadership, has been Puppy's niche. Kernel developers are also trying to add new drivers to the kernel. Some useful links about "baby laptops": Tweaking the OLPC kernel: US$98 laptop: Small packages: [Forum member] Amigo's packages, suitable for a light distro:

Ubuntu Kernel and Shutdown
Username: Michael
"i have problems with the shutdown function of Ubuntu. Thats one of the reasons, why a always go back to puppy. I need a perfekt shutdown with acpi, because i use vdr on puppy 4.1. ----

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