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4.1.2: Final fixes

December 07, 2008 — BarryK
I have brought back 'pfix=noram', though under certain circumstances Puppy will override a user selection. Ditto the opposite, if the user specifies 'pfix=copy', Puppy may override.

I had to mess around a bit with the 'init' script and 'rc.sysinit' to get the 'ssb.ko' module to work properly, now that it is in the initrd. This problem only applies to the kernel and if upgrading from 4.1 or 4.1.1.

I was testing my PCMCIA-USB adaptor (inserts into the PCMCIA socket on my laptop and gives me two extra USB2 sockets). I found a problem in 'init' -- 'yenta-socket.ko' got loaded, then 'elspci' is used to probe the PCI bus -- and in my case elspci detects (or rather, is supposed to detect) that I have to load the ohci-hcd.ko module. However, it doesn't work, and I found that there needs to be a sleep after loading yenta-socket -- I put in 2 seconds, which works for me, but may have to be finetuned, or something looked for in a loop to determine completion.

Actually, the sleep after loading yenta-socket is something we determined ages ago, and I vaguely recall about 2 seconds being right. It may have been back in Puppy2 that we were looking into that.


Username: ttuuxxx
Hi Barry You know how I've always complained about the clipboard in puppy 4 series+, I have found a litw weight clipboard manager that works Better than glipper and could be enabled by default on any of your releases if you wanted to :) It has a small memory footprint and is a stripped down clipboard called "Parcellite" I did post a package on well its an idea anways, Glad to have you around :) ttuuxxx Ps I live in Sydney CBD, Quakers hill near Blacktown, Richmond, Kellyville But If I could talk my wife into letting me go to melbourne I wouldn't mind having a coffee with you :)

jwm refresh
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry Also I made a small little application that refreshes jwm and restarts jwm, Its really handy, it saves you from fixing menu, restarting jwm, plus I made a menu item and icon for it. the pet can be found on this thread that explains it better ttuuxxx

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