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4.1.2: Pmount fix

December 05, 2008 — BarryK
See recent blog post, reporting this. Pmount crashed when the GTK themes had been misconfigured. gtkdialog only reports a warning to stderr, but Pmount takes that as a fault and exits. I have fixed it.

If you have Unleashed 4.1.1 you can manually apply the fix:

1. Open puppy-unleashed/packages/0rootfs-skeleton-411/usr/sbin/pmount in a text editor.
2. Change line 295 like this:

#[ -s /tmp/pmounterr ] && exit
#v412, no, do not exit if only a warning error msg...
if [ -s /tmp/pmounterr ];then
[ "`grep -v 'WARNING' /tmp/pmounterr`" != "" ] && exit

Note that as per some other recent fixes in 0rootfs-skeleton-411, I will be uploading this as to ibiblio just before 4.1.2 is released, so you can grab that to update Unleashed.

Tags: puppy