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A Woof to play with

December 11, 2008 — BarryK
let's see, I'm going to Melbourne early January, so I'll aim to release an experimental Woof prior to that, for anyone who wants to have a play.

I won't be wanting any bug reports though, but if you fix something then I would like to know!

It will be a fairly small download, I'm not sure how big at this stage, as it will download all required packages from Ubuntu repos and some from the Puppy4 repo. I will have to start a Woof repo too, which will have .pet packages especially for Woof.

I also need to create a web page that explains how the Woof scripts work. They are simple to use, but if anyone wants to get involved then they will need some more details. I have a system of "package templates" that define how an Ubuntu package is cut down into a Woof package, and the format of that needs to be explained.


Will Woof be a live-CD distro?

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