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December 28, 2008 — BarryK
I have gone in a loop, now Woof is back on XFCE.

Yesterday I had a mammoth session of testing window managers, including Icewm. They all have something I don't like, in some cases many things.

I conducted an experiment: I built Woof with Openbox, OBconf and LXPanel, and the .iso file is 99.41MB.

I then built Woof with the XFCE panel, window manager, mcs-manager and menu (from XFdesktop), without extra panel plugins, and the .iso is 99.79MB.

Considering the advantages, I can live with the extra 0.38MB!

And of course it also means that the infrastructure is in place for the other XFCE applications.

XFCE is working nicely. Thanks to forum member 'gray' and his nice NOP Puppy, I got some good ideas for setting up XFCE.
However, I haven't quite got there yet -- the panel can't find all the icons. The menu is a mess, apart from only some icons being found. I tested a few extra plugins, and a couple seem to be missing their icons., a work-in-progress.

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