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Creative puplets

December 12, 2008 — BarryK
I have downloaded this creation by forum member 'wow':

Very interesting. I have got Xorg 7.4 working in Woof, just chasing down the causes of some error messages, and wow's puplet might give me some ideas.

Another puplet that I have downloaded, to see if I can get any ideas about implementing Xfce, is NOP (Nearly Office Pup) created by forum member 'gray':

Great stuff what these guys are doing, and we can cross-pollinate ideas.

I haven't tried NOP yet, but did fire up wow's puplet. I wanted to see what wow had done about /usr/lib/dri, which has the DRI drivers. Wow has put in a cutdown selection:,,,, Even so 'du' shows it to use about 10MB.

Xorg 7.4 is strange, seems to need at least the ...well, I'm not sure. In /etc/X11/xorg.conf, if I leave out 'Load "glx"' and 'Load "dri"', they still load. If I put in 'Disable "glx"' and 'Disable "dri"' then Xorg says it is overriding the disable and loading them. Then, on my laptop, Xorg tries to load, fails (as it isn't there, running Woof), then tries (fails again). But Xorg still starts up and seems to run normally.

There doesn't seem to be any documentation about Xorg 7.4's insistence that it must have glx, dri modules and one of the dri drivers. But then if they aren't there it still runs. But the thing is, is it running with something crippled? Dunno.
I think that I will have to put in /usr/lib/dri/ at least into Woof, that's 2MB. Don't want to, but that will be one less error message when Xorg starts.


Disable "glx"
Username: Dougal
I think you are confusing two things here: - Load "glx" tells Xorg to load that module at startup. - Disable "glx" is driver-specific and tells it to not use glx. So you can probably have the glx extension built in, yet choose to not use it.

take a look at boxpup
Username: magerlab
"there's also a nice pupplet from gray - BOXPUP openbox with some interesting solutions also

disable dri
Username: MU
"in: Section "Device" add: Option "DRI" "0" # [<bool>] This disables that dri is loaded, when there is no load "dri" load "glx" At least in xorg 7.2 I have to do this. I don't know if it is a general option, or ATI specific. Mark

xorg 7.4
Username: kirk
"I've been using Xorg 7.4 in a puplet built from T2. It's a bit different. Xorg 7.4 tries to auto configure it self and depends on hal for input device configuration. I'm not using hal, so you need this in your xorg.conf : Section "ServerFlags" Option "AllowMouseOpenFail" "true" Option "AutoAddDevices" "False" # No HAL EndSection I've got no specific video configuration. Xorg 7.4 just figures it out. I need to burn a cd and see how it works on other computers. I like fast efficient programs, guess that's why I stick with Puppy, well that and AUFS/Unionfs. But I'd rather have it bigger than broken. Puppy's cut-down Xorg works fine for the most part, except for a few problems like Seamonkey's print preview not working. On another note Opera might have finally got it right with Opera 10. It's Alpha now, but works nice except Java JRE not working right now. You need flash 10 for flash to work well. Flash 10 depends on nss and nspr packages from mozilla, which adds a couple megabytes. I think including qt3 or qt4, it still ends up a little smaller than Seamonkey, but you loose composer. You do have qt3 or qt4 though, which opens up some other possibilities. Good luck with woof Barry. PS I tried posting this with Opera 10,the "Add Comment" button didn't work. Oh well, it's alpha.

Opera and "Add Comment"
Username: Terryphi
"Following on to Kirk's comment about the problem with adding a comment here using Opera. I have reported the Problem to Opera. Much as I love Opera it demonstrates the need to have another browser sometimes!

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