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New electric car for California

December 30, 2008 — BarryK
How about this?:

Apparently they have setup a production facility, and news releases late 2007 and early 2008 stated production would start at the end of 2008, but the website has nothing to say about any release date. Nothing much about performance specs either. There is mention of 190Km range.


Delayed production
Username: BarryK
Ahem, well, end of 2009 according to this site:

Username: Sage
"The New Year brings a plethora of Motor Shows and regular gas guzzlers just ain't gonna cut the mustard this year. So, already we've seen previews of previews of concept cars about to be shown off. Many companies have more than one this year. Question is whether any get built. We even had the Tesla and Honda Clarity demonstrated on Jeremy's bash - all the way from Calif. Well, Calif is the only place you can refuel with H2 for your FC cars... This is the time that Mo'town and the oilers were dreading. Folks will be able to see that electric traction is faster, accelerates faster and is cleaner. Notwithstanding, batteries still have a stored energy density problem. If a catalyst can be found for C - C bond scission, the ethanol FC is unassailable. Presently, though, the catalyst industry is tied into the pm for petroleum cracking business. Vested interests have been holding back rational technologies for centuries. [Before that it was the Catholic Church! All they want to do now is to apologise about Galileo, the Inquisitions, etc. Bread should be butter on this side.].

too expensive? really?
Username: gaiusmaximus
"expensive when you buy it? sure. but still expensive after 5 or 10 years? or then much cheaper than cheap cars?

how much
Username: linuxcbon
"Be precise. How much can I buy this car ? How much will I save money after 5 years in comparaison to average diesel cars ? And after 10 years ? What cheap cars do you mean ? I need to know the prices. Give the prices.

yet another project
Username: motoC
"Apparently the purchase price is around $US30k, Nice / interesting look to the vehicle but might be worth taking a look at the Tesla roadster which are being built at the moment, but for a lot more cash, $US60k + The roadster has a more conventional shape, but performance wise very interesting. Range at high speeds looks to be limiting however...

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