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New filenames for Woof

December 05, 2008 — BarryK
As discussed recently here:

I've settled on the new names for Woof files:

woofr555.sfs 'r' means rootfs (or release).
woofsave.2fs The save file.
woofz555.sfs The zdrv file, if built with one.
woofu555.sfs Unipup currently has a sfs that mounts on /usr.

woof-unleashed/DISTRO_SPECS has the overall system specifications:
#prefix for puppy files... exs: woofr555.sfs, woofsave.2fs, woofz555.sfs

We decided that it is wise to stick with the 8+3 filename limit for the base Puppy files. So DISTRO_FILE_PREFIX should be chosen to be from 1 to 4 characters.
A built system will have that file at /etc/DISTRO_SPECS.

I edited various files to support this (all changes untested).
In /etc/rc.d:
functions4puppy, functions4puppy4, rc.shutdown, rc.shutdown-UNIPUP, rc.sysinit-UNIPUP, rc.update
In /usr/sbin:
bootmanager, puppyinstaller, remasterpup2,, savesession-dvd, snapmergepuppy
In the initial ramdisk:

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