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Openbox, LXPanel, JQ8flat icons

December 23, 2008 — BarryK
I'm planning to upload something before I go on holiday (1st Jan.) so I've been doing some work on the Woof desktop.

I would especially like to acknowledge plinej and kirk for their work on Openbox and LXPanel. I have done some more work on these packages, and I plan to upload them to a directory titled 'pet_packages-6' at ibiblio. These packages are actually compiled in Puppy4 so will work in the 4.x releases (as well as Woof).

I had a problem with LXPanel, as 'lxpanelctl config' does not work. I tried kirk's version, also compiled it myself, same result. However, plinej's earlier version 0.2.9 is ok, so I am using that. I'm quite happy with it and will stick with that version for now.

I have cut down the size of the icons in LXPanel, mostly by symlinks to the correct theme icons. It needs a bit more work though, as one of the top-level icons in the menu still doesn't conform to the theme.

I decided to go for a stark minimalist theme, and have used the 'JQ8flat' icons created by forum member jebaJQ8. JebaJQ8 has created some lovely icons, a gifted artist I reckon. Not just how nice they are but I greatly appreciate the effort that has gone into such a complete collection of icons -- not just for the desktop and menu but also mime-type icons for ROX-Filer.

JebaJQ8 has posted the icons here:

I plan to upload the Woof build system, plus one example live-CD iso file. I'm trying to keep it at 99MB, or no more than 99.4MB, so that I can proclaim an "Ubuntu-compatible 99MB live CD".


jq8flat icons
Username: BarryK
Ah ha! Zigbert has posted a nice picture of jebaljq8'c icons here, as a suggestion for Puppy 4.2: ...I didn't think of converting them to indexed mode, will take a look at that!

Username: coolpup
"Thank you Barry and jebaJQ8. It will compliment my favourite Opera skin: Simple [url=][img][/img]

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