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Pmount bug: need more info

December 04, 2008 — BarryK
I have sent this pm to disciple. If anyone else has the same problem with Pmount crashing, could you also respond please? Gzip the files and post them to the 4.1.1 bugs thread on the forum.

PM to disciple:
I have a problem with finding the bug in Pmount that you have reported, as I don't have enough information.

You have reported that it exits at line 295.

/tmp/gtkdialog_pmount --file=/tmp/pmountdlg.txt_${MYPID} --center >/tmp/pmountdlg_${MYPID} 2>/tmp/pmounterr
[ -s /tmp/pmounterr ] && exit

What I need are the contents of those files, after the crash. In /tmp you will find:

The ${MYPID} will be some number, different each time Pmount runs. The latest run will normally have a higher number.

Would appreciate that info!


Pmount bug
Username: BarryK
disciple has reported that h cannot reproduce the bug anymore, but forwarded my message to the most appopriate forum thread here: gtkdialog is issuing a warning about theme being wrong, then Pmount exits. I have modified Pmount so that it will not quit if the error msg is only a warning. Should fix that one. But, CatDude's helpful feedback has turned up another problem, I'm awaiting CatDude's further response.

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