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T2 linux-headers 2.6.24

December 20, 2008 — BarryK
Now that's interesting. I downloaded the T2 build package from SVN, then downloaded all the required source packages for the "desktop" build. I left all the defaults mostly, just changed Gnome2 apps to "usr" prefix instead of "opt/gnome2". Also chose to create bz2 binary packages only, not an actual live-CD.

Now I have started the build. The interesting thing is that it gets the "linux headers" from the 2.6.24 source package, although the distro is being built with the 2.6.27 kernel. I think, the T2 build that I did for Puppy4, it used the linux headers from 2.6.19. It's ok if the headers are older than the actual kernel version being used, but I didn't know you could use 2.6.24 headers.


T2 compile finished
Username: BarryK
Well, took about a day and a half on my laptop, but finally completed -- but 74 packages failed to compile. By default, T2 only stops in stages 1 and 2 I think, if a package fails to build, past that it just ploughs ahead. In stage-1, grep failed, and I "fixed" it by adding "--disable-nls". Of those 74, several of them are important. A couple a prerequesites that would have caused other packages to fail or caused them to build without a useful feature. Which means that I will have to fix at least a few critical packages then do the whole thing again.

T2 rebuild
Username: BarryK
"I'm now doing the second build with T2. I removed all packages that I either couldn't get to compile or were not necessary. It will be stopping a few times, and I'll have to do a manual fix -- still have the same problem with compiling librsvg as had back in Nov 2007. Then I realised that Xorg builds in /usr/X11R7. The major distros, well Slackware and Ubuntu, and I think Fedora, probably more, now install Xorg to /usr, just like the other apps. My Woof build system requires this, and handling /usr/X11R7 just for T2 is too much of a hassle. So, I changed the install prefix -- there's a file 'package/xorg/xorg-server/' which specifies the install prefix, and hopefully that covers all the Xorg packages. I also changed samba from /opt/samba to /usr.

Programming Languages
Username: Prit
"Barry, Just thought of letting you know about an interesting article that I came across. It mentions 10 programming languages, out of which most are new to me. I might be checking out few of these. Here is the link:

/usr/X11R7 is hardwired
Username: BarryK
"Oh man, what a mess! Packages are installing in strange places. T2 is pretty much hardwired to install Xorg into /usr/X11R7 (or more correctly /usr/<something>). I have been messing around, but individual packages have assumptions coded into their .conf files, and it is too much to fix. Easier for me to leave it at /usr/X11R7 and handle it as a special case in Woof. So, off we go for the third time... Prit, thank for the link, I'll have a read of it.

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