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System Profiler in Puppy4

January 31, 2009 — BarryK
I'm posting this message as I don't think many people are aware that this application exists in Puppy 4.1.x. The normal kernel, not the retro. The System Profiler application is in the 'devx' file.

What you have to do is first load the kernel module sysprof-module.ko, then run the application:

# modprobe sysprof-module
# sysprof

It's a GTK2 app. You will see a button labeled "Start", click that, the app will then proceed to take samples. Click the "Profile" to stop. What you get is a breakdown of how CPU time is used on a per-file basis.

I used this for the first time yesterday, as I was trying to find out why a script was running slowly. My next post will explain more about the slow script. System Profiler showed something odd, but I could not pin down the cause of the slowness.

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