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Xorg 7.4 buggy

January 23, 2009 — BarryK
kirk recently reported that the Intel Xorg driver is buggy:

Something else about Xorg 7.4, 3d and even some 2d acceleration is broke for many Intel GPUs. The Intel drivers seem to have been broken in transition to GEMS, which won't fully happen until the next release of Xorg and Mesa.

Well, I have just run into a bug. I was testing Xfmedia, the XFCE media player, and had just brought up the Preferences window when the screen went blank, just a uniform grey. I was able to exit from X by typing CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE, and in /tmp/Xerrs.log I found this message repeated many times:

(EE) intel(0): underrun on pipe B!

A quick google revealed that this is a bug in the Intel Xorg driver, and most of the reports are from Debian and Ubuntu Intrepid users.

I can't start X anymore, just get the grey screen. Seems that I have no choice but to dump the "woof-save" (pup-save) file. Not so good!


media player

Any clue here
Username: cthisbear
"Out of my depth here. Does this thread provide ideas. " Try this : Open /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change to : DefaultDepth 24 Depth 24 Restart X. " Chris.

Screen flicker
Username: BarryK
"In another post, I reported a periodic screen flicker. I found that it coincides this driver error: [i](EE) intel(0): underrun on pipe B![/i] Grumble, I watched the screen for about half an hour, but the flicker didn't happen. A watched pot never boils... but I did eventually see the correlation between the flicker and the error message. There seems to have arisen a situation that caused lots of these underruns, and the xorg driver gave up. That was when I got the grey screen.

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