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February 12, 2009 — BarryK
This does look interesting:


Username: dogone
If Nall is not too good to believe, it's certainly too good to pass up. It addresses a niggling problem that won't go away - messy, dysfunctional tray notification solutions. How does/will Woof accomodate incorporation of software NOT in supported repositories?

Woof PETs
Username: BarryK
"Woof uses PETs also, from ibiblio, in pet_packages-woof or in pet_packages-4 directories. After all, we have heaps of Puppy-specific PETs that we must have in Puppy, like zigbert's apps. Yeah, Nall looks great. I'll put it into the next build of Woof, can think about how to use it later. There are situations where I use the 'yaf-splash' utility which puts up messages on the screen, but Nall would do it much neater. ...just think, we can have lots of annoying tray popups just like Windows ...make Windows refugees feel right at home! Just kidding.

Nall & Kernel Patches
Username: Dougal
"Nall is nice, the problem with it being that it displays all the info at once: exery X seconds it just runs _all_ the scripts in ~/.nall and creates a tooltip that has the output from all of them. If the output has changed since the last time the scripts run, the systray icon will blink to indicate a change... it's just annoying that you have to see the output from all the scripts if only one has changed... Regarding the kernel: I tried going to puptrix to get the patches and it's down. So where have the sources moved to now? I tried looking on your download page and there's no mention of where they moved to...

Username: BarryK
"Dougal, hmmm, yes, it's down. is owned by Ted Dog, and I do recall him stating that when it expires he wasn't going to renew it. Maybe that's what has happened. The sources at have been mirrored elsewhere. I think Caneri did that, but I don't recall where ...can anyone help out with this info?

Username: MU
"sources: Mark

Username: BarryK
"MU, Just before I read your reply, I uploaded the kernel sources to

Sources links
Username: BarryK
"Ok, I have updated the download page.

nall does not run _all_ the scripts at once
Username: be1
"the scheduling is based on randmones plus the time given in the pathname of the script.

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