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New 'petget'

February 26, 2009 — BarryK
Man, I've been doing heaps of coding. About 15 hours per day for the last week. I'm going to take a break soon.

The 'petget' script has been totally rewritten. The Puppy Package Manager is much more modular, many small scripts that just do one thing each.

'petget' works from the commandline like before ...well, it should do, haven't actually tested it yet.

Furthermore, it handles .pet, Slackware .tgz, Arch .pkg.tar.gz and Ubuntu/Debian .deb packages. I have setup mime types so that when click on any of these packages in a ROX-Filer window, 'petget' will run.



Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry do you have a link to the new petget, It would be nice to try it out :) Is it possible to uninstall non_system applications with it? people have been requesting a uninstall function for non system related programs, Like if you wanted to remove, gxine,seamonkey,mtpaint it would let you, but if you wanted to remove glibc or libpixman it wouldn't let you. Also if the repo is updated will this new petget update its list, or is it locked in ? It would be nice to be able to update the list like MU package manager he had. ttuuxxx

Getting petget
Username: BarryK
"The new petget is locked into the new Woof. It's based upon the new standardised package database format, and there are radical changes. Like, /root/.packages/packages.txt, livepackages.txt, and alienpackages.txt are gone, replaced with a much simpler system. Currently the package databases are downloaded and created in the Woof build system, but I do plan to add the feature to update them later --which reminds me to write that into the to-do list.

package database
Username: amico
"In a previous post mentionning the new package database format, I tried to send a question which didn't show that I renew today: "why the first field of a record is starting with the full package name (ie abiword.1.2.3.tgz) and not just simply the program name (ie abiword) followed by all the other necessary fields?"

first field
Username: BarryK
"amico, The database format has not been explained in detail yet. Some of the fields are subtle. The full package name is field number 8. The first field is a generic "name-version", not necessarily correlating directly to the actual package name.

PetGet 420 v3 updated
Username: WB7ODYFred
"I found the newer version of petget by Ttuuxxx! Ttuuxxx updated. Petget, has the 5 added Mirrors are Austria, Australia, South Africa, Portugal, Thailand. Maybe a Indian, Chinese, and Japanese mirrors should be added to complete world download from a local continental puppylinux mirror website. Does the website have a puppylinux mirror? I put up the suggestion that domain be made for for India on the Indian continent. Comments? Last any marketing efforts in South Africa to make knowledge of PuppyLinux availablity with localized mirror download of packages from the South African puppylinux mirror website. No, no one person can do all these things. Just suggestions to work with what is already available. My 2 cents or more like a dime! ;>) WB7ODYFred

Marketing Puppy through IRC
Username: WB7ODYFred
"I like to see a link to the PuppyLinux google language translate utility put in the sign on message for channel #puppylinux IRC channel. See lots of people click and join, then immediately get off. I assume they don't speak / read english well. Would like something that encourages them to use the translate utility to interact with others speaking english on the channel. Using I checked IP numbers and saw users join from Chile, Hungary, Yugoslavia, China, Maylasia, Germany Would like to help those that speak very little english by giving two or more html links in the IRC sign on message. One for that puppy translate program interface to and one for Grant Wilson (Smokey01) Puppy Linux Book free PDF download on IRC signon is like handing out a business card for puppylinux. A new user needs some pointers. Lots of people sign on and then sign off from IRC #puppylinux channel, because I believe they don't read any english, Like the person from Chile, said, "Donde esta conextion" which translates where is this connection. That is where I see a benefit of A PDF Book and a Translate utility. Some help for that bewildered new user to use IRC channel. Fred Finster

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