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Slackware 12.2 dependencies

February 24, 2009 — BarryK
Wow, thanks to Nenad for this information:


Stabellini resources
Username: dogone
Stefano has developed this handy script, by the way: "Compare" "This script is meant for Slackware and Slackware based systems (Zenwalk in particular). It compares the installed packages with the packages on a slapt-get compatible repository (a PACKAGES.TXT file) looking for missing dependencies on your system."

Username: coolpup
" "depfinder finds the dependencies of Zenwalk/Slackware packages and outputs them in a comma separated list, as used in Zenwalk. The dependency list can be output to stdout or to a .dep text file. depfinder is very fast; its speed is mainly due to the C++ code that is used in depfinder to find in which package each individual library is included. It also has support for running multiple jobs, which makes it a lot faster when used with multiple CPUs/cores. depfinder only uses ldd to look for dependencies, so it won't detect dependencies for any kind of scripts (bash, Python, etc.)."

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