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Woof intro web page

February 11, 2009 — BarryK
I have put something together:

...hmm, the page does kind of build up the expectation, whereas Woof is still only "pre-alpha".


Username: whoelse
Under "Preparation - 3. Host operating system" there is a typo on the second sentence: "rght now" should be "right now". Regards

....going forward.... (not being a time traveller)
Username: Sage
"I fear that Woof might be doomed to fail on account of the constraints imposed by No.1 and No.2. Risk of preaching to the converted. No good complaining, the world is as it is. There's three decades of M$ brainwashing to undo. My guess is that it cannot be done. The cognoscenti will embrace Woof with gratitude, but that's not the issue - many could achieve the same result for themselves given time and inclination. For most users, apart from inability, inertia, real or perceived, has always been the issue, especially in the West where the maxim seems to have been to 'throw money' at problems. Probably why we're in the mess we're in and Billyboy is king of the $bnaires. All the troops need is something small, fast with inspired pre-selections of apps. Maybe a sympathetic ear for requests, and for those with dire needs, a piggy bank slot for some bespoke consultancy - it works for Klaus Knopper, amongst others. If the product is sufficiently attractive, Puppy is that already, desperate users will open their wallets even in a recession/depression. Notwithstanding, a well-considered business model is essential for the latter strategy; an OS, [i]per se[/i], is [u]never[/u] a suitable money-making venture as Warren Woodford and countless others have discovered. On the other hand, retired hobbyists can hand over the worry and effort of development and commercialising to others and smell the roses. Or, in the case of UK residents, build a snowman.

what is woof? what is puppy?
Username: dogone
"I do see the potential for Woof to loose its identity. Contrary to the intro page, Woof products will not be "Puppy". They will be whatever their makers intend/desire. Given that, are we all comfortable with Woof being "just" a tool - with it not being listed on Distrowatch because of that fact? I hear and am seeing a lot of starry-eyed, candy store reactions to Woof. I am not at all certain that anyone has a solid grasp on that Woof is intended or destined to be. Barry, are we to take the phrasing in step 2 literally? Is Woof going to create a Puppy? What then, given all Woof's flexibility, is Puppy? Are we not talking more here about creating mongrels - stronger as a result of mixed ancestry?

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