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Woof schedule

February 10, 2009 — BarryK
Woof has been mentioned on Distrowatch Weekly, so I guess I had better get something out soon. Otherwise, people are going to be trying the 'snapshot' that I uploaded awhile back, which has heaps of bugs.

I'm using the Ubuntu build right now, very happy with it. The Slackware build looks good too. I don't know about the Debian Lenny build, haven't looked at that for awhile.

Um, let's see. I'll be in Perth on the 16th Feb., so will have access to fast upload. I'll aim to get a "pre-alpha" out on the 16th -- or even "alpha" if I feel more confident.

I don't really need fast upload anyway, as the Woof build tarball is only 6.5MB. That's all you need. But, I also want to build a couple of live-CD iso's and upload those.

I should also create a web page that explains what Woof is and how to use it.

I'm thinking of supporting a fourth distro...

I was thinking also, for the Slackware build we can resurrect the Slackware package installer that was being developed for Puppy3.


Fedora, Centos, Red Hat
Username: lobster
[i]"I'm thinking of supporting a fourth distro..." [/i] Will it be a Red Hat base I wonder. That would cover the main packages management systems that developers tend to provide software for :)

Username: Rahim
"Hi there, this is a very exciting concept! I can't wait to build a custom distro. I am especially excited about a Debian or Ubuntu based Puppy. I think it would also be nice to support RPM based distros. Maybe openSUSE would be good, since it has an excellent build service ( ) and many enthusiasts that maintain bleeding edge packages. A few questions: 1. Will it be possible to mix packages from Debian and Ubuntu, or even Slackware and Debian? 2. Will there be a web interface to mix a custom Puypp distro right on the server and then download it? Thanks!

Username: Terryphi
"Apart from bug fixes what are most the significant changes in the new Live-CD from the original Live-CD, i.e. what have you added/amended? I have fixed the particular bugs that bother me in the original and I am enjoying using it.

Fourth Distro
Username: Dougal
"I was thinking of mentioning before that you should probably support Fedora, too (I'm sure Rarsa and Nathan will be pleased...). I'm just not sure if it wouldn't be complicated by SElinux. One more thing: I've been trying out dash and there's one thing about it that is a bit of a problem: the builtin "echo" only supports the "-n" option. It doesn't support "-e", but it _does_ transform the special chars (like "-e" is always on). This is a real problem. Say you are creating a configuration file and run: echo -e "VAR1='bla'\nVAR2='baa'" >my-file What you will get is: -e VAR1='bla' VAR2='baa' The only way I found around it is to add at the beginning of each script: alias echo="/bin/echo"

Arch Support!!!!
Username: Rahim
"Hi again, I just read the new update at , and possible Arch support was mentioned. Nice idea! That's even more exciting than Fedora support. The ease of use of Puppy combined with the high quality and simplicity of the Arch rolling release system would be really impressive. My personal preference would be: 1. Debian / Ubuntu 2. Arch 3. Fedora 4. Slackware Could you clarify the following points: 1. Would it be possible to mix packages from different systems? 2. If the end user installs additional packages onto his pre-built Puppy system, how would that process work? Does he download DEBs or RPMs that later get converted into Puppy packages, or will he directly use apt-get or YUM, or will packages have to be compiled on his local machine? Thanks again, these are exciting developments!

Username: davesurrey
"When Barry suggested in his blog of 5 Feb that Woof might support 3 distro packages, Debian, Ubuntu and Slackware, I suggested that Debian and Ubuntu were too close and that it might be better to go for Debian or Ubuntu, Slackware and an RPM distro such as Fedora. I see others are now also suggesting an RPM distro. However after a little more thought I suggest that Arch might be a good contender. It has the disadvanatge of not having a huge team of supporters behind it but, and it's a big but, it does have the advantage of being a rolling rather than a scheduled release.

My tupence worth...
Username: CsO
"Kewl! Woof! base distro support wish list: 1. Sidux 2. Fedora 3. openSUSE 4. Arch Cheers!

Arch sounds nice
Username: Mean old man with no legs
"Of all these distros that could most benefit from the Puppy ease of use touch, Arch would probably be the most outstanding example. I would really like to see what Barry comes up with in his Arch experiments. The largest performance gains by comparison would probably be evident in a Puppy based on openSUSE or Fedora, as these distros are the slowest in my experience.

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