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4.2 final released, kind of

March 30, 2009 — BarryK
Here is the release announcement:

And the main forum announcement thread:

Please be aware though, that many support files are missing. The latest PET packages have not yet been uploaded to pet_packages-4 directory at The 'devx_420.sfs' and 'puppy-unleashed-core-4.2.tar.gz' do not yet exist.

A few people have ordered a CD from me, and I have emailed them that there is a delay. Anyone else reading this who would like to order a CD, please be aware that I can't send one until all files are available.


Username: Raffy
Yes, Barry, and perhaps the team can make use of some help from you in these areas? There is urgency, as you said, since your usual CD orders started coming in. Meantime, for the next release, perhaps Puppy's GIT repository will be ready - Pizzasgood, Eric and John (among others) are working hard on it.

4.2 Packages
Username: WhoDo
"Barry, Puppy-4.2 updated packages were uploaded last night as requested. I'm pretty sure I PM'd you on the forum but I can't find any record of that, so I guess I should apologise for not letting you know sooner. Sorry. I tried to notify you from work, too, but the @!$%& firewall wouldn't let me post to either the forum or your blog.

4.2 files
Username: BarryK
"Raffy, I have been talking with WhoDo about this, offered to help out. I was waiting on the latest pet pkgs, now I will download them and have a go at creating the 'devx' and the Unleashed tarball -- hopefully I'll be able to upload them this evening or early tomorrow (Aussie time).

Updated PET pkgs
Username: BarryK
"As the forum is a bit slow, I'll respond here. WhoDo, I've been monitoring pet_packages-4 directory on ibiblio, waiting for the updated PET packages. I just checked, 7.30am Perth time, 1st April, and the latest is still 14 March. Did you upload them somewhere else? I presume that you used the 'createpets' script to rebuild all the pets then uploaded them all?

ftp access ibiblio
Username: BarryK
"WhoDo, I'll send you an email about this as well. Right now, 8am, I'm uploading some files to ibiblio, so you won't be able to login. But, I figured that you would be at work now! you are a couple of hours ahead, 10am. My satellite Internet is having a "bad hair day". Barely functional. The upload is slow, it's going to take another 2 -3 hours.

mia culpa
Username: WhoDo
"Barry, I checked and I had indeed uploaded the packages, but missed a step before doing so. The consequence is they were uploaded to your personal directory. I tried to move or delete them without success so I have uploaded them again. Last package just finished uploading at 9:20pm EDST. Apologies for the sleep-deprived attempt last night. Hope you don't have too much to do to clean up your home directory. There should be about 266 packages there too.

Bad packages
Username: BarryK
"WhoDo, Drop everything else, this needs fixing urgently, see my next blog post:

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