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Brushed metal wallpaper?

March 16, 2009 — BarryK
I tried to post this to one of the "wallpapers" threads on the forum, but was unable to. So, here it is:

Hey guys,
There was a brushed-metal, or brushed-aluminium wallpaper, with the Puppy logo in bass-relief, like it had been punched out on the sheet of aluminium. I saw it in a couple of zigbert's posts, but I searched, can't locate it anywhere. Does anyone know where it is? Or, if you have it, would you mind posting it to this thread? I reckon it looks nice.


Wallpaper with the Puppy logo
Username: Alexio
See It is the background for the PupWeb Desktop

also here
Username: foo
" a slightly 'brassy' large scale as originally proposed for DeepThought and released as a .pet I believe the original work was by Raymond Levang after the logo by Rastapax(?)

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