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Forum crippled

March 13, 2009 — BarryK
Well tonight anyway, it's barely functioning. Not at all most of the time tonight.

Lobster, I wanted to let you know that I've filed a bug report about that simple Genie code example that compiled in Vala 0.5.1 but not in 0.5.7:


Forum crippled

Forum crippled
Username: Lobster
"Thanks for reporting the bug Barry. I am finding vala quite hard going. It has too many advantages to give up though . . . Problems with the forum have been ongoing Could be bots accessing us and sheer volume of users . . .

Forum woes...
Username: WhoDo
"Just managed to get up the home page temporarily at and the only users listed were 01micko and MSNbot. Stats at the bottom of the page show that 8300+ users accessed in the last 24 hours but that doesn't explain how we're all locked out now with only 2 registered users accessing. Hope your email finds John soon, Barry. We're all suffereing forum withdrawal already! :doh:

Forum crippled reprise reprised
Username: Sage
"Camp followers may have noticed that the board comes back into life around 16:00hrs GMT, most days. Now, Sydneians are a-bed by then, so we can rule out any interaction from the Eastern side of planet Earth. I wonder who on the Western side has the keys to the murga-linux locker and is just getting into harness around {16:00hrs - 6hrs = 10:00 CST???!!!} My suggestion is that some of the big hitters around here have a very serious word with John about implementing his own great ideas for moderation, maybe about some technical aspects of board management and host selection, etc. In the alternative, although BK wasn't too keen on board management himself, his previous foray was remarkably effective. One way or another something more than the status quo is very desirable. Suggestions already made sound very plausible, but who am I to understand this alien field of IT.

Warn new users
Username: nancy reagan
"Would it be an idea to mention this plague on homepage so that new users are not pushed away ??? and further hint to cached pages through Google. I cannot help keeping thinking of -a- post I read on this page .. I am not Agatha Christie though ..

forum woes (contd)
Username: Prit
"John might be able to tell from his log files who are abusing or causing the server to go down or slow down so frequently. Whatever it is needs to be banned from accessing. I think announcing this on might be a good idea too.

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