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Gedit text editor

March 23, 2009 — BarryK
Wow, small and fast! I didn't think that I would ever be describing Gedit as small, but I have compiled it myself, with minimum dependencies, plus did some considerable pruning.

This is compiled in Intrepid-Puppy, and all dependencies were already in place. Unlike the Ubuntu Gedit package which has many more deps. My package should also work on Lenny-Puppy (Debian).

My gedit tarball is 347KB, and it uses Gtksourceview (already in Intepid Puppy) (which is a 208KB tarball). Compare with geany which is a 633KB tarball.

One thing I noticed in particular is how fast it starts -- instantly! Contrast with Geany, which is a bit sluggish to get going.

If you want to try it out in Intrepid Puppy alpha3, get it from here:

If you like it better than TEA, edit /usr/local/bin/defaulttexteditor.

Note, a problem with putting gedit into the Arch and Slackware builds is that it needs 'gconf' and that in turn has more deps.


Username: MU (save this in /usr/lib) And type: cd /usr/lib ln -s Like this it works in Newyearspup. Puppy 4 not tested. Mark

upup freezes on clicking any icon
Username: smil99
"I tried running Intrepid Puppy alpha3 on my Sharp PC-AL60GB laptop but the system freezes upon clicking any of the icons on the desktop. I booted also with acpi=off option and got the same result. I have had no such behaviour on the said laptop when running any of the Puppy 4.2 and earlier ones. Is there any fix for this anomaly? Interestingly, it runs perfectly on my Fujitsu FMV DeskPower C4/80L desktop.

Username: aragonaragon
"from your post i see that you're using TEA as the defaulttexteditor. i do like TEA a lot and used it in puppy for about a year. But i allways had the problem that TEA crashes, if i use the search. does the search work for your without crashing? aragon

Re: TEA search
Username: BarryK
"Yes, the search in TEA works for me, in Intrepid Puppy.

GEdit doesn't start?
Username: happypuppy
"I installed gedit and the dependencies (Puppy 4.1.2) but I get this error message in the console: gedit: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: glib_gettext Any way to fix this issue?

Username: MU
"ok, I created a pet, that also works in Puppy4. It is combined with the valaide, as they both need a newer glib. The pet now includes some more dependencies (newer glib, gtk). They will be installed in an own folder, and be used only by valide and gedit. So there are no conflicts with Puppys gtk and glib. Start gedit from the menu (gedit text editor - puppy 4), or by typing: geditstart Get all required files here: Vala itself is not included, it can be found one folder up. I also tried to compile a older gtksourceview 2.2.2 in Puppy4, it needs no libgio. But geany crashes with it, and gedit needs libgio anyway. Mark

GEdit - it woks :)
Username: happypuppy
"Thanks for the updated libs,MU. Both IDEs work in 4.1.2 now :)

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