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Genie and Gtksourceview

March 21, 2009 — BarryK
Excellent, Genie and Vala are gathering momentum. Nicolas Joseph has developed Genie syntax highlighting for Gtksourceview. He has announced this in the Vala mail-list and has submitted it to the Gtksourceview developers. Jamie McCracken has also done it, independently.

Nicolas's submission to Gtksourceview:

Why is this good? Gtksourceview is used by the TEA and Medit text editors, also optionally by NoteCase. I might have another look at TEA -- pity the author went over to Qt4, and the Gtk version is only going to get essential bugfixes -- but it is probably pretty mature anyway.

As I'm really getting into Genie coding, I'll give this a high priority, probably go for TEA or Medit instead of Geany for Woof-Puppy alpha3.


Genie and Valaide
Username: BarryK
Lobster has interacted with the ValaIDE developer, and Genie support is coming. MU has been using the ValaIDE and likes it. So, this will be another choice of text editor. Genie thread on the forum:

Username: MU
"Yes, Genie now has a nice IDE :-)) Screenshots and download with a short summary so far: Mark

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