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March 20, 2009 — BarryK
I have put this into Woof. Steve_s was discussing ms-sys awhile back on the forum:

This utility will do this "fdisk /mbr" which is how the MBR can be restored in Windows. Note, the Linux 'fdisk' cannot do this.

I have just been looking at it. It can create a variety of MBRs, and I think it will be useful for my BootFlash and Puppy Universal Installer. BootFlash currently should not be used to format USB hard drives -- that needs more work, and ms-sys may be helpful. So for Woof-pup alpha3 restrict BootFlash to USB Flash drives.

Anyway, I have put 'ms-sys' package into Woof. It's small, just a 34KB executable.


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Username: paulh
i have not referred to fdisk /mbr in my post linked below, buit I expect it has the same effect

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