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Name for package manager

March 08, 2009 — BarryK
I know it's a boring name, but I think I'll stay with Puppy Package Manager. I was thinking of getting away from that word "package" as Windows people aren't familiar with it, but then that word is used all over the place within the package manager so I can't really avoid it. Anyway, I shouldn't always be thinking in terms of kowtow'ing to Windows people.

Thanks to Lobster, dogone, happypuppy, SouthPaws1, 7of9sdad, foo, PaulBx1 and esmourguit for the creative suggestions.

This script in Woof has been causing trouble for some people, not downloading all packages. I think Lobster reported running it multiple times and it got more packages each time. I think the problem might be this line which tests for existence of a file:

wget --spider --tries=1 --timeout=20
[ $? -ne 0 ] && <fail>

That works fine at my relatives place with very high speed iinet "nakedADSL" Internet connection (her phone line is now pure digital, the home phone has to work through the ADSL modem). However, perhaps the 20 second timeout is too quick for others?

I've changed it to 30 seconds. Seems like a long timeout though.

Anyway, what Lobster did is fine. If any packages fail to download, it logs to an error file(s). If you see that error file, delete it then run '1download' again. Keep doing this until you don't get the error file(s). There are two error files, DOWNLOAD-FAILS-PET and DOWNLOAD-ERRORS.


What's In a name?
Username: WN2A
Barry, When friends and relatives ask "why the funny names for Linux programs",my answer is "when one writes the program,one gets to name it, this isn't M$". And they get quite accustomed to it.

package manager
Username: ttuuxxx
"Whats wrong with '[b]Software Manager[/b]' thats what it is, Plus I don't think theres any copyright on the word Software or Manager. Simple yet effective. ttuuxxx

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