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Need to find package home pages

March 22, 2009 — BarryK
I mentioned in one of the last few posts that the "More info" button in the Puppy Package Manager does not work for .pet packages, as I do not have an automatic mechanism to locate an online info page for a package.

Or rather, I do, for Ubuntu, Debian and Arch packages, but I don't want to bring one of those up for a .pet package, would rather bring up the package's actual home page.

For Arch, the URL is like this:

to bring up info on the 'make' package. That page has a link to the package's actual home page, so my question is, is it possible in a script to read that Arch page and find the link? Um, maybe use wget to download the page, then search in it, extract the link.

Hmmm, probably do-able. Anyone got any thought of a neat way to do this?

But, the problem is, for a Puppy built for some other compatible-distro, it won't have the Arch pkg db files in it, so Puppy won't know what repo group to look in ("core", "community" or "extra").

For Debian and Ubuntu, it is easier as all we need to know is the release name, for example:

...there is a link to the actual homepage, but I think it is less clear how that would be extracted.

Is there any other distro that maintains pkg info pages that have links to the author's pkg home?


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Re: pkg home
Username: BarryK
"The problem is solved. See my next blog post.

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