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Tea for 3

March 21, 2009 — BarryK
Okay, Woof-pup alpha3 will have Gtksourceview, with NoteCase compiled to use Gtksourceview, and TEA text editor (GTK variant).

TEA as-is is not really suitable for Puppy, as the menus are hardcoded with some stuff that is not in Puppy or not appropriate for Puppy. For example, "MPlayer" is hardcoded, as are various latex operations. There are also some, colorful, menu entries.

For now though, I'm pleased to at last have syntax highlighting for Genie. Also, I want to use TEA for awhile to decide if it does the job. If so, perhaps later on it can be hacked a bit to cleanup the menus and some of the functionality.

TEA homepage:

Right now I'm downloading MU's ValaIDE PET package. This is another text editor IDE that uses Gtksourceview. For comparison, I might put that into alpha3 also ...probably in the 'devx' file, as that's where the Vala compiler is.

ValaIDE homepage:

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