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Update package databases

March 07, 2009 — BarryK
The main GUI window of the Puppy Package Manager has a "Configure package manager" button, which brings up this:

There will be more configure choices in the future, but this is a good start!


PET repos
Username: BarryK
It currently only downloads database information for the "compatible distro", that is, whatever distro's packages that Woof used to build Puppy. Currently PET package database info is builtin, in /root/.packages, files Packages-puppy-2-official, Packages-puppy-3-official, Packages-puppy-4-official and Packages-puppy-woof-official. However, these could be kept on the ibiblio site and updated as new packages are added to the repos. The package manager could then download them. Ditto for any other PET repository. All it needs is a Packages-puppy-* file and the package manager can use it. I plan to add to the Configure window the ability to add more repos, that is, specify URL and name of the Packages-* file. fact, that's pretty exciting, will probably do it this afternoon.

Tags: woof