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Alpha4: missing PET packages, files for compiling

April 20, 2009 — BarryK
For those wanting to test Woof alpha4, a problem as some PET packages have not been uploaded to ibiblio. I forgot before, now I'm at the Perenjori Telecentre, will see if I get the time. But, it might be best to wait for alpha5, which I'll upload in a day or two. It fixes a few things, and I'll remember to upload all the PETs too.

Some files were missing in alpha4, needed for compiling GTK applications. I have fixed that, for alpha5.

Hmmm, I was uploading the kernel SFS and tarball, took about 20 minutes for each, but it locked out the other people here at the Telecentre. As soon as my upload finished, they got Internet access again. They were all frowning at me. But, it's a bit weird that the router/modem would allow my machine to hog the bandwidth like that.


router setting?
Username: Raffy
Is it likely that the router at the telecenter gives priority to FTP (ie, vs HTTP)? I've also seen one instance when Linux laptops (using RT73 wifi) were locked out when Vista laptops connected through a router.

missin g pets
Username: paulh
"thanks barry and i'll wait for a5 and try another arch build from scratch at the weekend. if you haven't already seen it I also posted a couple of other build issues with arch at

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