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Bcrypt file encryption/decryption

April 20, 2009 — BarryK
Forum member coolpup developed a GUI tool to encrypt files, using the 'bcrypt' commandline utility.

Forum member trapster commented in the forum that it would be nice to just click on a bcrypt-encrypted file to unencrypt it. Yes it would, so I have implemented that.

I wrote /usr/sbin/bcrypt_gui, which is invoked whenever an encrypted file is clicked on in a ROX-Filer window. It brings up a GUI and asks for a password.

Then I put coolpup's code into it as well (with acknowledgment to coolpup in the About window), so everything is done in the GUI, including entering the passwords and reporting of any errors.

So, this utility has a menu entry to launch it, and a file can be dragged to the GUI window to either encrypt or decrypt it. I added a mime-type icon to ROX-Filer, so when the file is encrypted (it has a .bfe extension) it displays with a special icon, and simply clicking on it brings up the GUI asking for a password to decrypt.

The bcrypt GUI is also in the right-click "Open with..." menu, to make it extra easy to encrypt any file.


bcrypt mime
Username: dogone
Barry, note that I received this PM from coolpup on 10 April. The change hasn't otherwise been confirmed: " Pcrypt is no longer based on bcrypt. Bcrypt uses the Blowfish cipher with 64-bit block size, and its designer, Bruce Schneier, no longer recommends it. Pcrypt is now based on ccrypt which uses the Rijndael 256-bit block cipher. bcrypt executable = 17KB ccrypt executable = 40KB 29KB For encryption: access Pcrypt either from the main menu [menu > Utility] or from the right-click context menu [click Open With...]. For decryption: just left-click on the file. "

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