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Gedit versus Geany

April 14, 2009 — BarryK
I have decided that Geany wins by a wide margin. I get the feeling that Geany is developed by someone who understands the needs of "real programmers", whereas Gedit is developed by people who are more "IT guys".

One little example. Well, important to me anyway. Puppy has some one-line text files without a terminating carriage-return character. If opened in Gedit, then saved, a carriage-return is automatically appended. I don't like this modification being done behind my back. Furthermore, even if the last line has a carriage-return, the cursor cannot be moved beyond the last line. I like a text editor that displays a file as-is, not one that plays funny games.

Gedit, despite its enormous dependencies, lacks features -- even adding in many plugins doesn't bring it up to the level of Geany.

The only reason that I brought in Gedit was because the Genie syntax is supported in Gtksourceview. Now that I have gone back to Geany for the standard Woof builds, I will probably use ValaIDE (which is now in the devx file) for Vala/Genie coding. Perhaps also we can lobby for Genie syntax highlighting to be supported in Scintilla (and hence Geany).


Vala support in Genie

I Dream of Geany
Username: WN2A
"Sorry about the pun, but it based on truth. Geany is so good, I do all my writing/debug with it, and just do my build/ flash programming in Microhip IDE,etc when I do assembly code. It presents the code nicer than the MPLAB does.

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