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Genie updated

April 15, 2009 — BarryK
Great news, the founder and maintainer of Genie, Jamie McCracken, has fixed some bugs in Genie and updated it to match the latest Vala. His post:

hi barry,
this is now fixed in master
to get it use:

git clone git:// vala

I have also updated genie to match vala for features and bug fixes

Only thing left to do is a test suite so we can track breakage errors
prior to a release of a new version of Vala

If you have any genie source suitable to be adapted for tests then
please email me them

see the existing vala tests in the tests folder :

I will create something similar for genie

As you know, I'm flat out working on Woof right now, so if anyone feels like they would like to translate those Vala test programs to Genie and submit them to Jamie, please do -- it would be a great learning exercise for yourself as well.

Note, Jamie is very busy with his "real life" but promised that he would work on Genie this Easter break. He has come up with the goods, so it would be great if we can reciprocate with some test apps.


Username: MU
quicky compiled, but untested. Compiled in newyearspup with newer glib, so might not work in Puppy 4. The git folder with the compiled files: It is 18 MB and will be removed later, I need it for download, as in virtualbox in school I cannot use git. I will compile it in Puppy 4.12 in school, then announce it in the forum. Mark

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