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Gtkdialog text markup editor

April 22, 2009 — BarryK
In Puppy Linux we make heavy use of Gtkdialog for GUIs written in Bash/Ash scripts. Gtkdialog is easy to use and fairly powerful. One problem though is limited documentation.

If you have the 'devx' SFS file loaded, you will find code examples at /usr/share/doc/gtkdialog3, which are invaluable. However, Gtkdialog has capabilities that are not documented or hardly so.

Whatever aids we can get are most welcome. I did not know all the capabilities of the text markup mode, but forum member vovchik found a "Gtkdialog text markup editor" GUI application, in French that he has translated and made available for us:

This is just a small script, so I have put it into the Woof rootfs-skeleton, as /usr/sbin/markup, and created a menu entry, in the "Utility" category.


Username: 01micko
Ok, Since zigbert seems to be the Gtkdialog man around puppy I'll run it past him... don't know if he reads this blog. Thanks Barry and vovchik. Mick

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