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JWM window manager

April 28, 2009 — BarryK
I have compiled the nightly snapshot, revision 456 (4 April 2009), of JWM, in Jaunty pup.

The other Woof builds will still be using a slightly earlier version compiled in pup 412, that was the "pb" release created by Patriot.

When you see alpha6, you will notice a difference in the rendering of the tray, menu and windows, as managed by JWM. The windows have rounded edges, which I think is a nice change from the square "Windows 95" look before. The task entries in the tray and highlighting in the menu is now truly flat, again with rounded corners -- I was wanting this true flat rendering to fit the flat-grey theme that I am developing for Woof builds.

There are some new possibilities for configuring /root/.jwmrc, and you will have to read the documentation. This is provided in a man-page 'jwm.1' provided with the source or online:


Even more improvements in the latest JWM snapshot (Apr 28)
Username: happypuppy
Get the latest snapshot (Apr 28) from here: New stuff: - Some code cleanups. - Added the ability to resize from the top of windows - Added support for pager labels

JWM 456
Username: BarryK
"I do have revision 456, so I must have got the dates mixed up.

JWM revision 456 is a 'rolling' build :)
Username: happypuppy
"Revision 456 is being updated every day. The number stays the same (456),but the file changes (different checksum).

JWM strange number system
Username: ttuuxxx
"Thats just a odd way of doing it, Joe should name it, 'DailySnapshot' ttuuxxx

latest release
Username: ttuuxxx
"I compiled the latest release on 4.2 main puppy today, plus added the newer blinky, It basically the gtk2 version of blinky with the gnome pc icons, so it doesn't look like win95, plus I changed the screen colours so it looks more noticeable when it blinks. ttuuxxx

Re: JWM 456
Username: BarryK
"No, my date of 4th April is correct. That was when I downloaded it. The '456' is the last revision, and looking here: shows that revision 456 was on 26th March 2009. Joe hasn't done any work on JWM since then, but the automated daily snapshot mechanism keeps building a tarball every day, which is why you think there are very recent mods.

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