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Need Squashfs patch for kernel

April 17, 2009 — BarryK
I got stuck last night, then ran out of time. I decided that it is wisest to use the same kernel as Ubuntu Jaunty for Jaunty-Puppy,, but I could not find a Squashfs patch. I did find a 3.3 patch, which patched ok but I got a compile error. I read somewhere that the official 3.4 patch does compile but then doesn't work properly. I would prefer not to use LZMA.

Does anyone know where I can download a patch for the 2.6.28.x kernel?

I could move up to the kernel, with Squashfs 4.0 builtin, but of course that will break all existing SFS files out there. I know, there will be some responses urging let's do now at the start of Puppy5, rather than later!

Note, I did find an Ubuntu patch, but it required a kernel source that had already had other patches applied to it, and I didn't want to go down that path.


Boldly go to kernel 2.6.29

xorg on Intel 855GM
Username: urban soul
"Congrats to the new Packet Manager! Xorg never worked on my IBM r50e (Intel 855GM) with any woof build. So I'm running xvesa now. Anyone with 855GM grafics problems?

Squashfs patch
Username: Sergio
"Hello Barry, here's a patch for kernel I used thet for some experiments, and if I remeber good it worked for me.

Username: squashfs
"And here's the one from the Squashfs-lzma website, it's not patched for lzma unless you download and apply their patches: If I remember right you'll want to use the patch in the linux-2.6.27-rc4-next folder. I've compiled and with it. As far as Squashfs 4.0 goes, I don't think it matters that much. It's easy enough to re-squash an sfs file and upload it. If there's something you want from 2.6.29, go for it.

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