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NoteCase consumes CPU

April 16, 2009 — BarryK
Running NoteCase 1.9.8 in Jaunty pup, it is using 57% of CPU time, making everything sluggish.

I compiled it in Puppy 412, tested in Jaunty-pup, same problem. I tried NoteCase 1.9.1 from Puppy 412, same problem.

So, I have booted up pup 413, running NoteCase 1.9.1 right now. No problem, it's using hardly any resources.

Hmmm, I notice also that Xorg is also much busier in Jaunty-pup.


Notecase 1.9.8 on Jaunty
Username: Terryphi
I am running Ubuntu Jaunty and have found that performance and CPU usage is improved by this NoteCase setting: Edit>Configure Notecase> Global Check use system language settings. It also solved the problem with an irritating mouse pointer flicker when running NoteCase.

Fixing NoteCase
Username: BarryK
"Amazing, did that and 'top' (see System menu) shows Notecase down round 3 - 5 in the resources-hogging contest. previously it was number 1. You would have been getting the flickering mouse pointer because NoteCase was hogging resources, on the "proper" Jaunty too! Anyway, thanks for that, I'll set that as the default for the package. Something is screwed up with locale handling in NoteCase. If I start it from a terminal, regardless whether your fix is applied or not, get this: [i](process:20897): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library. Using the fallback 'C' locale.[/i] But, other apps, like Geany etc., don't have this problem, so I don't think locale is really broken. I wonder if we can compile NoteCase with '--disable-nls', might fix it.

Notecase High CPU usage - fixed
Username: SilverWave
">Configure Notecase > Global > Use System Language Defaults Thanks that fixed the same issue in jaunty 9.04-rc Down from a constant CPU high of 25% to normal <1%

Re: notecase
Username: BarryK
"Hey, would someone report this to the Notecase developer? Maybe give link to this blog thread.

Re: notecase
Username: Andrew McN
" On ubuntu I find setting Edit>Configure Notecase> Global as noted by Terryphi works. Changing the setting back does not cause the problem to occur again. BarryK: Notecase is no longer supported by the original developer. Don't expect a fix there.

Helps on Kubuntu 12.04 too
Username: Wolfgang
"I have compiled notecase on Kubuntu 12.04, to get rid of nasty libgnomevfs (or similar), providing the missing "#include <stdio.h>s where necessary. Result: Same "50%+ CPU load thing". And the ">Configure Notecase > Global > Use System Language Defaults" ... helped! Thanx, thanx, thanx, because notecase is essential for my daily work!

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