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packages.txt fixed

April 02, 2009 — BarryK
I have done basic repair work on 'packages.txt' in Unleashed and fixed some package names. This much has taken almost 3 hours, and there is a lot more that needs to be done, which can be targeted for 4.2.1.

The 'packages.txt' file has a lot of old redundant entries that need to be removed.

However, the main problem is that a great number of entries in 'packages.txt' are incomplete. They are missing descriptions, dependencies, size information. This means that when they are displayed in the package manager, all that will show is the name of the package and no other information.

I fixed package names that had to be fixed, left a lot of others.

If you have contributed a package to 4.2, please take a look at 'packages.txt' and fill out the entry properly, and fix the package name if required and submit the fixed line plus fixed package to WhoDo.

'packages.txt' will be in the Unleashed tarball when I upload it, probably tomorrow, but I'll also upload the file separately somewhere.

Some examples of bad package names:

These are the new names of the package names that I have changed, just basic repair there are still lots more to be fixed:

One little detail about the syntax of entries in 'packages.txt':
"abiword-2.6.3" "abiword 2.6.3: wordprocessor" off "Document +fribidi,+gtk+,+goffice,+wv,+enchant 7556K"
...there is supposed to be a space between name and version in the second field,not a hyphen. Many entries were like this, which is wrong:
"abiword-2.6.3" "abiword-2.6.3: wordprocessor" off "Document +fribidi,+gtk+,+goffice,+wv,+enchant 7556K"


Fixing lines in packages.txt
Username: BarryK
I have posted the latest 'packages.txt' to the forum here: It would be great if the 4.2 developer guys could fill in the entries that relate to them. Maybe just post them here, so we can all access them. But, post the lines without the '\' on the end. Note, if you want to post it so that it looks like code, use the bbcode 'code' tags, which are (code)code in here(/code) -- replace those rounded brackets with square brackets. ...or start a new thread in the forum!

Username: ttuuxxx
"HI Barry do you have a list that doesn't have all the older packages that we didn't compile? So that it would be easier to sort the packages, That list you gave use has 716 items, if we had a list of the new packages being uploaded, That would be a lot easier to put our names to, I think I'm the only one who packages as i386, but would be easier to have a slimmed down list. ttuuxxx

Re: 716 items
Username: BarryK
"Well, perhaps you could use Xfdiff to compare the 4.1.2 packages.txt with the 4.2.0 packages.txt. The commandline 'diff' tool could do it also.

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