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April 30, 2009 — BarryK
I already mentioned this in an earlier blog post. Petspec is a simple GUI tool to create a package database entry in the new Puppy standard format. Here is what it looks like:

The utility is /usr/bin/petspec, and there is a menu entry in the 'Utility' category. Also, if you are creating a PET package with the 'dir2pet' utility, it will bring up this GUI and insert /pet.specs into the PET package.

Note, older PET packages may have a '<package name>.pet.specs' file, which is now ignored, just removed after package installation.

Now what will happen, is if a user downloads a PET package and clicks on it, the contents of /pet.specs will get appended to /root/.packages/user-installed-packages.

I guess, if you have an existing PET package which has a '<package name>.pet.specs' file in it, and you would like to bring your PET pkg up-to-date for the Woof-built puppies, you can leave that "specs" file there for backwards compatibility, but use the Petspec GUI utility to create a 'pet.specs' file that you can also place in the package.

Note, I have updated the Puppy Package Manager intro page with a snapshot of Petspec:


Re: Petspec
Username: BarryK
Note, I've taken the '*' off the front of 'Folder path within repository', as that field is only required when the PET package is in a repository that the Puppy Package Manager knows about. ...more on that later. We will be setting up a system for pup developers to contribute PETs to the 'pet_packages-5' directory on which case that field would be required, also the 'Single unique name of repository' for Puppy 5.x official packages will be "5".

Username: technosaurus
"I made a script that will walk through all of the normal compile options for you - currently set for puppy 4.x, but I am modifying it to compile for upup. Hope this helps some people compile more packages. is there a different dir2sfs type script in upup? I may try merge the pcompile and petspec gui and add the stuff that is asked in dir2pet so everything can be done at once

petspec fields 6 & 7
Username: coolpup
" Petspec may be improved by adjusting how field 6 is filled by default. Let field 6 be [u]automatically[/u] filled with the contents of field 1 appended with a hyphen, appended with the contents of field 2, and appended with ".pet". This will save packagers time since at the momemt this has to be done [u]manually[/u]. It may be best to have field 7 be blank by default if no dependencies have been specified beforehand.

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