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April 20, 2009 — BarryK
Yes, I agree with the opinions posted that we should have more than one official release. Two or three, even four, flavours, to suit different people.

I just can't resist working on an Ubuntu based system. I am finding Jaunty Puppy to be pretty good, but I'm mostly doing it for the reason I mentioned: a "cheeky" alternative to Ubuntu -- a 100MB alternative that runs fast, reliable, easy-to-use, etc.

One thing very interesting. As I'm working with both Lenny and Jaunty, I'm very surprised how close they are. Most of the packages are even the same versions. There are a few variations, such as Ubuntu going for Xorg 7.4.

I reckon also we should support an official build for the purists, the opposite of Ubuntu/debian, the smallest meanest build, maybe based on a T2 build.

So perhaps there can be four official releases:

1. Puppy4 series
2. Ubuntu series
3. BareBones series

and maybe
4. Debian series

Just some thoughts. But really, we can have "official releases" on any variety of Puppy that someone wants to support/maintain/develop. Why not? If they are all based on a common Woof build system, that gets put into GIT, then everyone will be synchronised to the same base/skeleton code.

For me personally, I have found that jumping from one to the other has stretched me too thin. It slows down my progress, so I will probably stay with Ubuntu builds for sometime.


Pure Puppy 5
Username: happypuppy
My vote is for a PURE Puppy based on the latest Kernel (2.6.29.x or 2.6.30.x/RC) with the latest Xorg, latest ALSA and upgraded libs.

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