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Radio station Curtin FM

April 05, 2009 — BarryK
Hey guys, I just found out that my favourite music radio station streams over the Internet:

I'm running ppup 413 right now, Gxine gives an engine failure when I try to play it.


Streamin' muzak

Xine engine
Username: BarryK
"I mean, the Xine engine fails when I try to play the CurtinFM streaming asx file. I don't know anything about asx files, or rather I probably did at some stage, can't recall now.

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry if you go to you'll find a couple of small 600kb Streamtuner packages, that I combined with a few small media players, so they work out of the box. You would just to add you station to the list to play it. Or you could try the VLC package I made it plays most radio streams good luck, also if you have the stream location, I could have a look at it, I'm pretty good with those things. ttuuxxx

Try opening as a playlist
Username: Rockym93
"Hey Barry, In my experience with streaming radio (mainly Triple J), the stream fails running straight from the browser. However, in all likelihood the actual file is a playlist pointing at the actual stream, and if you open it as a playlist instead of a file, and then check in the playlist dialog, you'll be able to play the stream. May or may not work with your station though.

Username: linuxcbon
"asx contains mms:/// it should be with // only mplayer works OK with that command : mplayer mms://

Runs in Gxine Too
Username: rcrsn
"Good call, linuxcbon. I downloaded the asx file, deleted the extra slash and pasted the entry into my gxine playlist file. It runs fine.

That extra slash
Username: BarryK
"For anyone else reading this, linuxcbon proposed a fix. The asx file is a text file, looks like this: [code]<asx version = "3.0"> <entry> <ref href = "mms://"/> <Title>Curtin FM 100.1</Title> <Author>Curtin FM 100.1</Author> <Copyright></Copyright> <Banner></Banner> </entry> <Title>Curtin FM 100.1</Title> <Author>Curtin FM 100.1</Author> <Copyright></Copyright> <Banner></Banner> <LogURL href = ""/> </asx>[/code] The "mms:///" in the original was wrong, should only be two slashes. I started Gxine, did File->Open, chose the asx file, hey, it works! My question though, surely it worked before? Other people, running Windows, would have been listening. Note, CurtinFM caters for the "over 45s", plays the "greatest songs of all time". It's based at Curtin University, where I was a student, also lectured, back in the 70s.

now works fine
Username: magerlab
"i like that music although i'm 30 something:) a set of the who's songs! thats great! also i can study australian english( not easy thing i'd say)

Tip works Ta!
Username: cthisbear
" Yes added the above info into Windows media player; opened the url and it's a goer. I must test this in Puppy 4.2, send myself the bookmark. Just played Roy Orbison. VLC doesn't seem to work. Thanks for the tip. Chris. Chris

And there's more
Username: cthisbear
"BK This is a beauty. Station:.977 The Oldies Channel Located here From this list. Enjoy..............Chris.

ROO Highway
Username: BarryK
"We have a road named Row Highway. If the guy talks fast and with the Aussie accent, then it must have sounded like Roo to you!

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