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Remaster script updated, Woof-pup-4.1.x

April 01, 2009 — BarryK
The Puppy 4.1.x live-CD remaster script has been updated for Woof. Most important, it now handles the standardised package database format.

I don't think that I mentioned it before on this blog, but I also did some work on the Puppy Universal Installer, and that is in alpha3. One important fix was where GParted is called, previously it caused an exit from the Universal Installer -- now, after working in GParted, the Universal Installer continues. There were also some bugfixes.

I don't yet have the 4.2 PET packages, however in the meantime I've got plenty to keep me busy! What I have done is added file DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS-puppy to Woof, which is for building a 4.1.x based Puppy, entirely from 4.1.x PET packages. I created some extra PET packages that I'm uploading to pet_packages-4 right now. One of these is '' which is the 'devx' file not as a SFS but as a PET package. This is the base 'devx' that was created back in October 2007 and into 2008, with T2. Woof uses this as the basis of the 'devx' SFS file, plus adds any later (selected) PET packages with '_DEV' in their name.

I have uploaded file:
which is the package database file for the Puppy 4.1.x series. This file is in the new format. Woof will download this.

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