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Woof alpha4 uploaded

April 17, 2009 — BarryK
A bit of a rush. I'm in Perth right now, going home this morning, so need to take advantage of access to fast Internet connection. Alpha4 is uploaded.

I didn't get time to compile a new kernel, so the Ubuntu-based live-CD build is using the kernel. I'll get onto the kernel tonight probably, and hope to have alpha5 out in a few days.

"Jaunty Puppy" is looking real good. So good in fact that I would like to raise it as an item of discussion as a contender for the Puppy5 series.

Note, I did not build a 'zdrv' in the uploaded live-CD. Actally, I want to think some more about how the file is named. Yes, I agree that my scheme 'zu461274.sfs' is not meaningful to human eyes.

The live-CD reference build has been arbitrarily given version number "461".

Note that I still haven't got Internet access at home, or rather I don't think that I have. I sent an email to my contact at Reachnet (a member of the sales team), a few days ago, but she has not replied. More than a bit rude. The problem is, I forwarded my "Broadband Guarantee" permission for subsidy document that I had received from the Federal Govt to them, making it difficult to change to another provider. Never mind, when I'm back in Perth next, if no satisfaction by then I'll go to their office in person and demand my subsidy document back, and I'll go over to SkyMesh (another satellite provide servicing my area).

Cheeky suggestion
Anyway, I'll probably be off the Internet over the weekend, unless I take it onboard to connect via my mobile phone. Will probably go to the Perenjori Telecentre on Monday or Tuesday and upload alpha5. ...or even beta. Now this is a cheeky thought... Jaunty Jackalope is due for release on the 23rd (Thursday) ...I could upload a Jaunty Puppy beta2 on the same date, or day after. It will be fully functional, if we can pull out all the stops to fix a few things --- like Gxine and CUPS -- note that I want to fix the Ubuntu pkgs, not use other PET pkgs to fix these. In the case of CUPS, I think that I have left out an essential package. Anyway, I'll get onto CUPS this weekend too. We could have a "woofathon" over the next 4 - 5 days!

Note, I'm running Jaunty Puppy right now. gFTP works, used it in its SSH2 secure mode to upload to, so SSH works too. Just checked, Abiword and Gnumeric work, though Abiword has a problem with some fonts, just shows the characters as little boxes -- anyone interested in checking that one out?

Here is where I have uploaded upup-461.iso, upup_devx_461.sfs and woof-alpha4.tar.gz:


Missing From CUPS
Username: rcrsn
/usr/lib/cups/backend is missing most of the devices /usr/share/ghostscript/8.64 is missing the entire lib folder

Gutenprint Issues
Username: rcrsn
"Gutenprint 5.2 is missing something. The command cups-genppd.5.2 doesn't build any PPD files. The cups_shell script still points to cups-genppd.5.0. But since CUPS 1.3.9 now uses dynamic PPD files, that line should not be needed anyway. Also, cups_shell contains the code "/etc/init.d/cups --start" which is incorrect.

Bug thread
Username: lobster
":) reports and feedback

installwatch + Alpha4 QA
Username: ttuuxxx
"Awwww Barry Upup for puppy 5 hmmm. Whats making you pick Upup over Dpup, I've posted the 3 missing packages in the Dpup section that gets almost all the desktop applications working and even a geany,BMP player package, helped out with the devx, actually as the puppy forum goes it looks like Dpup has had the most updates. If you really feel like Upup is the go for 5 series, I'll drop Dpup and move over to Upup then. ttuuxxx

Username: Raffy
"Good to hear about this exciting [b]up up[/b] adventure. :) @ttuuxxx: Woof is a way to produce *pups, so why drop dpup? You can handle both dpup and upup simultaneously, right? (It shows in your forum name - the double-letters. LOL) Finishing dpup will document a slightly different path of hacking, but it will still bark "Woof!" And that will be good for Puppy.

abiword fonts
Username: ttuuxxx
" Hi Barry you said "Abiword has a problem with some fonts, just shows the characters as little boxes -- anyone interested in checking that one out?" That sounds like what we had with 4.2 when we used Abiword 2.6.6 that was to do with, Abiword changed default fonts for .doc, rtf etc from new times Roman and they changed the default font to "Tymes" and no its not miss spelled, plus it won't work with puppy's default fonts, we need to get the "Tymes" font installed. I had a document where Slackware had the same issue, I'll try to find the link. heres the quote "xap/abiword-plugins-2.6.6 Updated. Compatible with Slack versions with 2 differences: 1.) templates fonts default to Tymes (rather than Times New Roman) Absolute does not use Times New Roman and Tymes prints better 2.) Help docs path corrected, so help won't try to go online for docs" found at ttuuxxx

Dpup versus Upup
Username: BarryK
"I have just arrived at Perenjori, in the Telecentre right now. It's open for discussion. a couple of things that sway me is the Ubuntu has much larger repos, and is top dog.

TPUP News ?
Username: arm-arch
"Great work Barry ! Any news about the progress and release date of TPUP ? I ask this becouse i want to try building a puppy version for arm architectures.

dPup verus uPup
Username: tronkel
"I've just installed the latest Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope Beta. It is very polished, works well with my ATI video card and other hardware. It's a big improvement over Intrepid and a real MS Windows killer. To make uPup the base for Puppy 5, it could to with having some of Jaunty's polish rubbed all over it. Since dPup is the faster of the two though, how about making uPup the base for Puppy 5 Community Edition and use the faster dPup for the official Puppy 5? That would be in keeping with the philosophy that CE versions have the polish whereas the official versions have the speed. Difficult choice though.

small Debian
Username: Raffy
"There was a time when I had been searching for a small Debian build and the roads led me always to DSL. Now that DSL has been less active, Puppy can fill in the void. We can support Ubuntu by marvelling at its proud new release yet learning from its weaknesses. Then we can release Upup some time later. (Actually, I've played with "Up up", as the identical syllables struck me. Sounds good to say "Up up Ubuntu" which can be more supportive than competitive. :)

Jaunty Puppy
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry Ubuntu might be topdog, but really we've always been the underdog, do we want to join forces with Ubuntu or lend a hand to Debian and together maybe be #1. Its nice to topple dictatorships and a wakeup call is always nice, MS had one with vista, look at windows 7, its light years more stable, faster, lower resources and will make a great xp replacement if your a ms user. Not that I would ever buy it :) I'm happy with puppy. I like the speed of Dpup but if your going to be cheeky and release a puppy 5.0 beta 1 on the same day or even a day before Ubuntu does, Then Count me in!! I love being cheeky :)But after its released could we then focus back on Dpup and get the basics working properly like the compiler, Gxine or Mplayer, xvesa new kernel with ext4, try to bring it upto Jaunty Puppy level so that other versions don't get left behind? ttuuxxx

Username: linuxcbon
"Can you use icecat and gnash instead of seamonkey and flash ? I am trying it.

Username: wombat01
"Barry this kernel appears to run fine on my AMD 3000+ computer. In version 4.1.2 Retro it also ran fine but the normal kernel would not. I'm using upup-461.iso at the moment. A few observations which may already know. Play doesn't work. The mouse scroll wheel does not work. It is recognised and enabled. The PPM looks good but does not seem to work but then the PPM system has not worked on my computer since about puppy 3.01. It's looking pretty good. Thanks

Dpup vs Upup
Username: WhoDo
"Barry said "[i]It's open for discussion. a couple of things that sway me is the Ubuntu has much larger repos, and is top dog.[/i]" I think you should go with Dpup for 5.x, Barry. I'm not sure that people will really "get" a Puppy based on Ubuntu. My concern is that it will just become another one of the Ubuntu-metoo distros that surface every day at Distrowatch. Ubuntu was based on Debian and it makes sense for Puppy to offer a Debian-compatible release, to follow on from the Slackware compatible 3.x series. Both would be ODD version number releases pointing to a differentiation from the even numbered 2.x and 4.x series. You won't lose much in package availability either, but you will gain significantly in package stability. There has been much complaint at Distrowatch about Ubuntu not fixing broken drivers and other things that users find most important. Ubuntu's popularity has been in decline and if Jaunty doesn't come out rock solid, I expect that to continue. On the other hand, cheekily leveraging Ubuntu to publicise the Woof build system IS a great idea. Just my $0.02c worth.

download failures (arch build)
Username: paulh
"# cat DOWNLOAD-FAILS-PET # cat DOWNLOAD-FAILS-tar-gz i686 i686 i686 i686 I can't find any of the -PET packages in ibiblio or nluug repos.

Dpup vs Upup
Username: dogone
"From a PR perspective, Dpup vs Upup is a difficult call. "Ubuntu" is perhaps better known to the unwashed masses, while those in Linux land understand the family tree. Ubuntu remains closer to the cutting edge, while Debian plays is safer. And technical merits aside, Barry's choice could be read as an endorsement. There's a political angle here as well. If Jaunty is perceived as the first to "take Windows on", a battle of titans may ensue. Debian could provide Puppy with greater political cover. But we're talking operating systems here, not elections. The decision clearly ought to be based on technical merit and the long-term interests of Puppy users. Ironically, if all goes as planned, official Puppy will have to share the limelight with Woof pups based on each of the supported distros.

sharing the stage
Username: Raffy
"I guess the political effect (of sharing the stage with Ubuntu) will be more of cost to the Puppy Linux project. The community may not want a user impression that "You're number X up because you cloned number 1". Applications are not really difficult in Linux. There is QT or WINE to help if the native application fails. What makes life difficult for ordinary users are drivers, especially of new devices. In this respect, having the latest kernel helps. This solution has been demonstrated by Ultrapup (unnamed puplet) and Fatdog. Exton pup built on Ultrapup and added its own GCC. Now it is a ready Swedish Puplet. Those paths (of merging new kernel with Puppy) are working. I don't know how far this path is from Woof's, but the community has shown a unique way in those cases. Ultrapup itself has become a new core to build on.

The solution
Username: dogone
"Perhaps the solution is never one official Puppy but two. Releasing both a Dpup and a Upup, for example, has the advantage of offsetting all the disadvantages. Make it policy. Each release embraces two supported distros.

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