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Xvesa working again

April 14, 2009 — BarryK
I'm pleased to report that we are back in business with Xvesa.

I earlier compiled Xvesa from the xorg-server package, and tried various versions, but they are broken. However, the Xvesa used in Puppy4 is quite old source -- I think that I got it from back when Xvesa was being maintained as a separate project (between Xorg having kicked it out and merging it back). I grabbed that executable, and it works fine in upup.

I have also fixed another old bug. I recall this being reported on the forum awhile back, but I never understood why it occurred. Besides, as I never use Xvesa it was off my radar.
The bug was that when the user tried to shutdown or exit to text mode, Xvesa restarted. I think that this occurs in a very specific situation, when the 'xwin' script detects an Intel video chip and LCD monitor with just one native resolution, X is started without launching the Xvesa Video Wizard -- it seems that file /tmp/videomode was in existence, and when X exits and control returns to 'xwin' the script sees the existence of /tmp/videomode and restarts X.

Note, that was the purpose of /tmp/videomode. When running the Xvesa Video Wizard and testing modes, when exit from X, xwin will see that /tmp/videomode exists and restart X with the mode specified in that file. Running the Xvesa Video Wizard, when the user is satisified with a video mode and clicks the 'OK' button, /tmp/videomode gets deleted and the video mode gets written to /etc/videomode.

So, where do I have that old Xvesa source? I should have it archived on a DVD, and I will need to find it and upload it. It's precious now. Or, I wonder if we could get in contact with those guys who used to maintain Xvesa? -- we could get their latest before it got merged back.


Username: MU
some years ago (Puppy 1.0.x) I compiled kdrive with support of xcomposite, so you had transparency and shadows. I still have the sourcefolder. It was created by a buildscript, that downloadd the sources from cvs, and compiled them. So the subfolders contain the objectfiles and more, if I package everything, it is around 240 MB. I can upload it on request. Mark

Username: MU
"took a while to find the thread via google: Mark

Re: Xvesa source 2005
Username: BarryK
"MU, that's great that you located the source, and your special work on xcomposite. I would like your source. I'll collect various sources and compare. Note, I obtained the xorg-server-1.4.tar.gz from the site (dated sept 2007), the official release version for Xorg 7.3. I was able to compile it in Upup after finding out how to patch a file -- someone else had been through this exercise. However, both mouse and keyboard are dead in this version (running Upup). There are error messages in xerrs.log but I can't understand them.

Username: MU
"I tried to compile it again yesterday evening. It stopped with several errors. Some years ago, I did not need to compile all dependencies, as Puppys xorg 6.8 had some of them already. Since 7.x has changes, I had to try to compile everything myself yesterday, what failed. I can upload it anyway. user: puppy password: linux Kdrivepuppy.tgz is the "reduced" version, that depended on files from Xorg 6.8. [b]Kdrive.tgz has more dependencies in it (more subfolders like ICE).[/b] Although it includes more files, it is smaller (67 MB), as I ran the buildscript again yesterday. I also ran "make clean" in the xserver folder, what will be the reason for the smaller size. So you should use kdrive.tgz, not kdrivepuppy.tgz. I added new: --panoramix [b]Info for this and the compilation in general is in buildscript0.[/b] I also made a symlink: cd /usr/local/fdo/lib/pkgconfig ln -s xineramaproto.pc panoramixproto.pc This might be unneeded, if you try to build without xinerama support. Maybe you can find the error. Mark

Username: technosaurus
" I found this one used by TCL works pretty well.

Xvesa source
Username: BarryK
"technoaurus, for the record, it has moved to here:

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