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Yay, it works!

April 02, 2009 — BarryK
Thanks to WhoDo who provided the Unleashed core tarball, with the fixed 'packages.txt' and pet packages I ran the 'createpuppy' script and built the 4.2 live-CD. Running it right now.

Looks pretty good so far. This is the first chance that I've had to play with it, as I've been flat out with other stuff. I'm not a fan of IceWM, and I see that the memory applet and blinky are chopped-off, so I guess that's on the to-do list for 4.2.1 -- or go back to JWM :)

I have to leave playing with it for a bit longer, as have to get stuck into putting together the fixed Unleashed core tarball and the devx, and probably upload them this afternoon. The fixed packages also.
...I'll announce when that's done.

Tomorrow I'm flat out all day with other stuff, but probably have more of a play with 4.2 on the weekend.

I like the initial boot graphic. Hey, I just noticed the throbber -- good job ttuuxx.

Tags: puppy