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'cddb_query' missing in Ubuntu

May 03, 2009 — BarryK
Puppy 412 has the 'libcddb' package, version 1.3.0. This has a utility 'cddb_query'.

In Jaunty pup, I tested zigbert's new 'pcd' audio CD player, but it failed as the 'cddb_query' utility is missing. I searched at '', nup, the file simply does not exist.

Ubuntu Jaunty uses 'libcddb' version 1.2.1, a very old version (back in September 2005). I was very curious, looked at the libcddb homepage, they don't even have that old version available for download. But, Ubuntu have the original source tarball, so I downloaded and compiled it. Yep, it does have the 'cddb_query' utility, which means that the Debian developers have just dumped it.

I checked the Ubuntu changelog, there's nothing in there to indicate why they have stayed with such an old package.

This will affect both Debian and Ubuntu.

I also checked at, it's the same story. The changelog shows that the last time anyone did anything with that package was in 2005.

What do I do? Leave it at that old version and put in the 'cddb_query' that I have just compiled? Or, compile the latest version, which is 1.3.2? Heck, I reckon I'll go for the latest.

Actually, I'm feeling annoyed by this. The news page on the libcddb homesite says there was an important bugfix in version 1.2.2, right back in 2006.


Username: ttuuxxx
I would compare the sizes of the 2 packages, if the newer one is a bit bigger than go for it, kind of like that other library the libsamplerate audio compression one, the secret rabbit or something, went from like 200kb package and 2 releases later it was over 10MB package. probably the newer one would be best for retrieving song titles great for burning. ttuuxxx

ttuuxxx, libsamplerate
Username: happypuppy
"libsamplerate 0.1.7 is 1440K , not 10MB 0.1.2 is 200K But the changelog is impressive: * Version 0.1.3 (Mar 23 2008) Huge quality improvements to two best SINC based converters. * Version 0.1.4 (Jul 02 2008) Fix segfault when using extremely low conversion ratios. * Version 0.1.5 (Jan 11 2009) Optimisation resulting in dramatic throughput improvements * Version 0.1.6 (Jan 27 2009) Minor bugfixes * Version 0.1.7 (Feb 14 2009) Fix a segfault bug.

Username: zigbert
"It is possible to read cddb info using icedax. - Pburn does that. But it's a bit slower (or, I couldn't make it work as quick as cddb_query). Note that also pcdripper uses cddb_query. Let me know if you want me to rebuild it..... Have you tested the new Pfind/pfilesearch.....I got unexpected results during my tests, but not with the latest. Sigmund

Username: Dougal
"Anyone who has an inkling of an idea will not only know that the size of the code does not matter, but that such a radical increase in size is usually caused by support for Windows or OSX. See for example the SDL tarballs, which contain inside them tarballs with support for MS-VC or whatever. Will the stupid people please stop giving Barry bad advice on every post of his? While I'm here, seems like Puppy just lost another user:

Username: ttuuxxx
"I didn't mean to type 10MB I went to type 1MB, but there is not edit function once things are posted. and the actual size was of the earlier version was a 104kb bit and the newer version was over 1mb, over 10 times the size, I even went as far as to talk to the developer about the increase size, he said the latest version was much faster etc, But I did inform him that there is a need for the smaller version, for lighter distros, he then said he'll keep that in mind when he release the next version. ttuuxxx

Username: zigbert
"libcddb-1.3.0 is 84kb compressed, so I don't know if you find it important to get rid of, or if there is many apps using it.....But there is a simple, fast way of reading cddb info using cdda2wav/icedax only (do these depend on libcddb?) [i]#!/bin/bash cdda2wav dev=/dev/cdrom cddb=1 -info-only -no-infofile > /tmp/cdda2wav-cddb 2>&1 & while [ ! "$BREAK" ]; do if [ "`grep ISRC /tmp/cdda2wav-cddb`" ]; then BREAK=true for I in `ps | grep cdda2wav | awk '{print $1}'`; do kill -9 $I 2> /dev/null; done fi done grep 'Track ' /tmp/cdda2wav-cddb[/i]

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