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gtkmoz HTML viewer

May 10, 2009 — BarryK
Puppy uses the 'gtkmoz' package as the internal HTML viewer. This is based on libgtkmozembed, however startup is a bit slow on old hardware -- noticeable when you boot Puppy for the first time on an old PC and there is a significant delay before the "Welcome, woof, woof!" window appears.

I have replaced it with MU's latest HTML viewer, written in Genie. See recent blog posts. The main advantage is noticeably faster start time.

Here is the PET package. It was compiled in Jaunty pup:

It's so tiny. The PET package is only 11KB, yet has two executables, 'bareview' and 'gtkmoz', plus the source files and a script to compile it.

I decided to keep the source with the binary package, given how tiny it is. You will need Woof alpha6 or later 'devx' (which has the Vala compiler in it) to compile the source.

Note that this is a HTML viewer on steroids -- has all the SeaMonkey goodies including CSS and Javascript support. Both of these are needed for the CUPS web interface, and Javascript is needed for the main Puppy Help page.

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