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More Vala/Genie examples

May 09, 2009 — BarryK
MU is rocketing ahead, coding in Vala and Genie.

This thread is our on-going discussion on Vala/Genie:

Here is MU's picture browser application:

I'm jealous!
I want to get stuck into learning more about Genie coding too, but have so much other stuff to do for now. But, when I get Puppy 5.0.1 out the door, I'll be onto it...


ValaIDE tabs broken
Username: BarryK
ValaIDE is included in Woof alpha6 'devx' file. Yesterday I discovered that it always converts tabs to spaces, even when the "insert spaces instead of tabs" checkbox is unticked in the Preferences. I have reported this on the ValaIDE google groups. The thing is, Genie defaults to using tabs for indentation, and I have come around to liking this. I find it much more convenient and less error-prone to just hit the tab key rather than type in 4 spaces (or whatever). Actually, this is a very contentious issue, and has been the subject of much argument in the Python camp. They have mostly decided tabs are bad. But, I like them!

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry, I just tried ValaaDE on upupj with rox 2.9 and when I opens it says "Unable to retrieve mime type" oops I might of missed one, lol anyways it runs just fine after that, Plus when I hit the tab key it gives a double space, So maybe it was a rox issue or mime issue, anyways it works fine other than the missing mime notification. If I click file new I get a new page on a tab. Plus Leafpad is missing a 16x16 icon in the sub menu. ttuuxxx

Vala Games
Username: ttuuxxx
"Here's an Idea that I had while playing backgammon with my wife, games are great as time wasters, lol But playing games online are fun and interactive, I've often wondered why puppy doesn't have a few online games, similar to where you log in and then you can play on the yahoo server against other members with a chat screen at the bottom. But for that to happen it would have to be server based, which again takes bandwidth etc, buttttttttttttttttt The lightbulb went on while I was winning against my wife,lol Ok here's the idea, I don't think its ever been done before and could really change the way that online games work. Basically you have a game that uses a bittorrent client interface. each move is sent to a bittorrent tracker and then updated automatically, so when your playing basically once your finished your move its sent, and then retrieved and updated against you component game. That way its decentralized and when the game is closed it deletes the torrent. If we could pull off a game like that, boy it would really shine the light on puppy. Probably something easy to start with like tic-tac-toe,checkers, backgammon. Well its an idea if anybody's keen. ttuuxxx

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