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mp text editor

May 11, 2009 — BarryK
mp, or in full "minimum profit", is another text editor in Puppy. This editor has dual modes in the one executable, running as a curses application in a terminal or as a GTK application if it detects X is running. Actually, running it in a terminal when X is running, it has to be started with 'mp --text' to prevent its GTK mode from running.

The thing is though, it's GTK mode is awful (or, putting it nicely, an "acquired taste"). But, it's a superb curses editor, with very nice color syntax highlighting and nice pull-down menu.

In all earlier puppies, I compiled mp without the GTK mode, but alpha6 is using the Ubuntu/Debian package which has the dual modes.

The older Puppy4 PET mp package (version 3.3.13) works fine in Jaunty pup so I have rolled back to that.


double menu

Re: mp double menu
Username: BarryK
""Well, I'll be a money's uncle", so it does! I never noticed that before. Okay, I'll check out a later version of mp. I had rolled mp in Woof back to the 412 version, and I also get this double-menu thing.

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